Let’s start building and promoting the online store with WooCommerce tools. You can sell any product with the help of WooCommerce tools. Even these tools are fully customizable and have secure payment gateways. Free SSL and domain names are also provided with this plugin to promote your store across the web. You can easily manage the online store with the help of WooCommerce Inventory management and configuration.

Actually, WooCommerce is the eCommerce plugin of WordPress that will create and manage the online store very easily. It also provides various features like tax management, security of payments, shipping integration, and inventory management. 

This WordPress plugin is open-source that is used for manufacturing businesses to modify and customize their site. 

Although there is not such a limit to sell only physical products. You can also sell digital goods and services too with this plugin. Now you may think that how could we manage the inventory? or Does WooCommerce have inventory management?  So yes, WooCommerce has an inventory management system, through which you can control and track the stock status. Below we describe the WooCommerce inventory management and configuration through which you may understand its function and several tools that will help to manage it.

What is WooCommerce inventory management?

WooCommerce has a large inventory management system that will manage the stock and track the inventory. It does not have a limit on the number of products with images on your site. Even the manufacturers use this to have more control over their store about its design and scalability. This system is the significant process that will track goods through the entire supply chain and from the purchasing to end sales. Another opportunity is available to choose the payment gateways and shipping specifications with this management system. Basically, the WooCommerce inventory has the advantage of automatic calculation of associated taxes on the products. 

The main purpose of WooCommerce inventory management is to help the business efficiently manage the storing, stocking, and ordering of the inventory. 

Now you may learn the basics of inventory management systems. But you may worry about how it will function or how you configure the inventory management system? 

To overcome your problem we discuss some parameters through which you can easily understand the configuration of the inventory.

Woocommerce Inventory management configuration

The inventory management will track the stock status on purchasing the products. And the amount of products depends on your product disposal that you will sell on your website. However, this is managed by the inventory options and features. When you access the inventory page which resides at the products tab in the setting section. Then you may see several features of the inventory that come to the configuration of WooCommerce inventory management. Below we have discussed all features of inventory management in brief:

Manage stock: It is a global stock management feature that will manage the entire stock of the store. Although this feature is enabled by default.

Hold Stock: It contains the amount of time in which the pending orders will be preserved.

Notifications: This feature is enabled when the stock is close to zero, then it will be fired.

Notification Recipient: It is pretty useful to automate the process if you have a distributor. And if you have to automate the process then the email address of that person should be notified on the engine of stock.

Low stock threshold: When the amount of stock is low then this notification will be fired.

Out of stock threshold: It should be triggered when the amount of stock is out of the threshold.

Out of stock visibility: This notification will be displayed in the catalog if the products are out of stock.

Stock display format: It describes the amount of stock of products that should be shown entirely on every product page.

Inventory management tools

You have understood the configuration of inventory management. Now you may think that how we manage it. So we describe some WooCommerce inventory management plugins through which you can easily manage the inventory and will promote it across the web.


TradeGecko is integrated seamlessly with the best online apps such as Woo-commerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Amazon. TradeGecko Inventory management plugin has now become QuickBooks Commerce where you can maintain track of changes in your store regarding a variety of products, prices, orders, and other factors. TradeGecko Commerce is a robust cloud-based commerce tool for growing businesses and managing complex procedures and scalability requirements with ease.

This plugin also includes a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch that allows you to manage your products and orders from anywhere and also provides you with all the tools you need to start your own wholesale business by establishing a wholesale pricing list for your products.

Top Features

  1. Inventory management

The inventory management and tracking process takes a long time. TradeGecko offers a solution that automatically syncs inventories to avoid overselling.

  1. Multi-Currency

You may sell online in any country and in any currency using TradeGecko. As a result, it enables you to handle your inventory and accounting in your base currency while conducting business with consumers in different currencies.

  1. Avoid Stockouts

TradeGecko will automatically sync all of your sales channels with your inventory. When you sell an item on one channel, stock levels on all other channels are automatically updated.

  1. Get all orders with a single interface

TradeGecko can pick, pack and ship all orders from a single interface. By printing your shipping labels, you will be able to choose the carrier with whom you wish to arrange a pick-up and leave the rest to the courier.

  1. Warehouse management

Create a stock transfer document quickly and easily to move products between warehouses.

  1. Accounting

Buy and sell in different currencies while maintaining accounting records in your home currency.

Allows you to create tax “bundles” in advance.

To reflect total cost, the product’s purchasing expenses are automatically added to the additional landed charges.

With a single click, you may generate invoices from orders.


It offers 14- days trial periods and pricing starts from $ 39/month

Founder USD $ 39per month billed annually10 sales orders per monthLiteUSD $79per month billed annually100 sales orders per monthSmall BusinessUSD $ 199per month billed annually1000 sales orders per monthBusinessUSD $ 599per month billed annually2500 sales orders per month
B2B Commerce PlatformB2B Commerce PlatformB2B Commerce PlatformB2B Commerce Platform
1 user/s2 user/s2 sales channels
3 sales channels
5 user/s8 user/s

WooCommerce stock manager

WooCommerce stock manager

It is a free and most popular plugin that will give you a single screen. There you can deal with all the Product stock factors. You can use them freely. We have discussed some latest features of the sock manager plugin that are listed below:

Top Features

Stock management: You can view your catalog at once. Even there are different parameters for every product and their varieties like weight, value, stock, and many more. 

Product filtering: With the use of this plugin, we can filter the items by their sort and class.  You can also sort the products with the stock status and manage by name.

Import/Export: You can easily export all the data from your shop. And after editing them you can easily import them with a CSV file.

Atum Inventory Management for WooCommerce

Atum Inventory Management for WooCommerce

Atum WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin provides us full control over the WooCommerce stock. Even we can even edit each part of the WooCommerce stock, weight, SKUs, areas, and costs moreover. This plugin gives the opportunity to create the purchase orders and set up the location. Atum Plugin is freely available at WordPress. 

Top features:

Bill of materials management: It introduces the two levels of the BOM. The tool will set the organization’s raw material and item parts. 

Products data edit & locations: This feature will create several storage locations per item and also you can change the SKU. Even though you can edit the regular and sales prices, purchase prices from the stock central.

Advanced search & filters: It will give the complete filtered item list by provider name. Filters consist of the stock filters and additional drop-down filters.

WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager

This plugin is an open-source plugin that has good features which you may need to manage the stock levels. Even if you get a paid license. and this license will have the good add ons:

Top features:

Advanced inventory manager & search:  This plugin will create the search filter as well as sets up the different types of inventory. It will allow us to define attributes for each type. And also you can customize the display setting as well.

Bulk Update: It has various refreshed stock items in one place. Also, you can search through the inventory dependent on any field. 

location manager: This tool consistently deals with the stock for various distribution warehouses and their locations. 



It makes it easy for manufacturing and selling on WooCommerce. Through this, we can easily handle the business operation and inventory. It will help in managing the product recipes, purchasing materials, and avoids the stock-outs with the relevant alerts. This plugin has the full visibility of the order fulfillment process and also controls the production responsibilities of team members.

Top features:

Production planning: It will track the availability of the required materials and also will identify the delay risks related to the material supply lead times. This plugin helps in getting the real-time production status from the floor level.

Real-time inventory control & optimization: There is a provision for automated inventory transactions. It will also maintain the optimal inventory level by using reorder points and manage the inventory across multiple warehouses.

Sales order fulfillment: It will identify the delivery delays risks and ten reoptimize to meet the deadlines. 

Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory

This plugin automatically syncs the orders from where it will make the proper stock adjustments. It will also keep the inventory up to date.

Top features:

Multi-warehouse support: It will keep track of inventory that will spread across the multiple warehouses. Or the locations of stocks between the sites are simple.

Purchasing & replenishment: It offers automatic restock forecasting. By using the sales history, this tool can accurately calculate the dynamic reorder points. These points will anticipate the best time to request.

Order Management: This plugin will integrate all the sales channels and marketplaces. To keep the inventory levels accurate and up to date, the final inventory plugin is useful.


We know that managing the inventory on WooCommerce is the major task that will offer a lot of hassles. It is extremely difficult when you have multiple channels of sales and procurement. and also it is very important to integrate everything in one place to keep a firm grip on store operations. That’s why the WordPress WooCommerce community offers different solutions to easily manage the inventory. We have described WooCommerce as well as the inventory management system. With the help of the configuration of inventory management, we can easily understand the parameters and maintain the inventory. Later on, we have also provided the best plugins with their latest features that will help to manage the WooCommerce inventory management. You may get the best solutions in this article about WooCommerce inventory management and configuration. If you have any queries and questions about the inventory management system. Then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. And also if you may have any suggestions to improve the article, then you may suggest through comments in the comment boxes. We willingly wait for your reply & comments.