WordPress Migration

WordPress migration means moving one server to another server without affecting its functionality. As long as your hosting provider is good then there is no need for wordpress migration. But unfortunately not all hosting providers offer the same level of quality of service. If you choose the wrong hosting provider then you have to move to the another WordPress also there are other reasons of migrations like if you get any other affordable plan, better consumer support, more features and better server security


Migrating your website is not that difficult as it looks it might take few hours and if you chose any host the effort will be less


Methods of WordPress Migration

There are few methods from which you can easily migrate your wordpress from one host to another. Each method has its own merits and demerits so I request you to choose wisely.


1. Migrate your WordPress Site Manually

Step 1. Choose your host carefully. If you are looking for wordpress migration which means you are facing some issues with your current host, while searching for a new host keep that thing in mind is what exactly you are looking for in your new host.

Step 2. Take backup of your site and files, this process might take some time but when it’s done you can move to the next step.

Step 3. After taking the backup of your files all you need to do is take backup of your wordpress database. This is the place where all the information about your site and your users contained.

Step 4. Once you are done with the step 3 you need to export your wordpress database with the help of the navigate tab. It will also make a copy of your website data.

Step 5. Next, you have to create a new database for the new host you are moving in, doing that makes your old database move to the new web host.

Step 6. Now login to your new server and upload all your files to the new host, it will take some time.

Step 7. All of your files are now on the new server you need to access your wordpress root folder so it will point towards your new database.

Step 8. Final step is to check if your domain name server is pointing towards the old host or current host. It must be towards your new host.

2. Migrate your WordPress site with a plugin

There are many plugins available that can actually help to migrate your website from one server to another. Plugin makes you feel like having insurance because they took the complete site backup before proceeding to the new web server, Plugins also provides recovery services.

3. WordPress Migration Tools

There are some tools which can ease your work of migration

  1. WP Engine – WP Engine Automated Migration Tool can make the whole process simpler for you, it take cares of everything, it copies your files and database and move them to new host 
  2. Duplicator – Duplicator is one of the best tool it works with any wordpress website it copies both your data and files and transfer them to the new server 
  3. WP Migrate DB – It saves your some amount of time it helps you to skip the migration process but there is some work you have to do by importing the files by your own 
  4. All in one WP Migration – It is most streamlined backup and migration plugin it helps you to create copies of your site
  5. WPvivid Backup Plugin – This plugin is perfect for the migration it keeps a copy of your site’s data and this plugin is free to use
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